Your home is your biggest asset and investment, a sound investment starts with a solid foundation. Unstable soils are a threat to the structural integrity and permanent stability of your home. Mr. Foundation provides countless custom foundation repair solutions to address your home's needs.

Some have made the costly mistake of ignoring foundation problems until they are a MAJOR problem. Often times, if addressed early on, foundation problems can be repaired in a day or two with much less work and expense for you. Don't leave your home investment at risk, know the signs and symptoms of foundation problems to protect your home! 

Mr. Foundation will professionally evaluate your home's foundations problems to provide you a free estimate that is customized to your home. Mr. Foundation does not cut corners, we create solutions to provide you peace of mind in knowing that your home has perfect structural integrity.

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  • Cracks in brick

  • Cracks in drywall

  • Cracks in basement wall

  • Bowed walls

  • Sagging or uneven Floors

  • Hard to shut doors or windows


One of the most common signs of foundation issues is wall cracks. Different types of cracks can propagate in your brick, walls, and stairs. While many companies offer an array of piering systems, helical piers are a industry leading solution for a reason - they simply work & stand the test of time. 

Our helical pier installation process uses helical piles and takes any unstable soils out of the equation. Helical piers rid your home of foundation problems by essentially turning your home into a strong steel foundation. Our helical piers provide your home with permanent stability and structural integrity - our warranty proves it!

We often see that customers are considering cheaper, temporary, solution by a push piers systems. Push pier systems typically do not reach the unaffected virgin soil that will not settle. Push pier systems typically use a concrete cylinder that is 'pushed' against the home to drive the concrete into the ground. Therefore, the pier can only go as deep as your home foundation will allow (push piers risk damaging your home's foundation during installation). The concrete cylinders are prone to cracking and failure. Push pier systems with a cable are also susceptible to expansion, stretching, and snapping.

Mr. Foundation is capable of installing push piers but as professionals, we only consider a push pier installation where a helical pier cannot be installed.

Helical pier underpinning is no easy task, the success of stabilizing your home depends on a high quality helical pier and an expert installation. Let the professionals at Mr. Foundation provide you a free estimate for your home's foundation repair needs that can bring you peace of mind.



Cracked or bowed basement walls, exterior retaining walls, or crawl space walls are signs of potential major foundation issues. There are many foundation wall repair solutions to stabilize your home. One of the most effective solutions are helical pier tieback wall anchors. This pier system uses a helical pier that serves as a wall anchor using a wall plate connection. 

A helical tieback system is an ideal candidate to install on walls that are fighting hydrostatic pressure. However, addressing the hydrostatic pressure against your foundation walls is often recommended by proper basement waterproofing methods. 

Mr. Foundation's professional helical tieback installation will give you peace of mind by stabilizing your bowing or leaning walls. This is a very cost effective wall anchoring system that can solve your foundation problems. Your soil conditions are something that professional companies will consider when developing a job plan to fix your foundation problems.



Bowed basement walls do not always need to be repaired with helical tieback anchoring systems. An alternative solution to bowing basement walls is carbon fiber reinforcement banding. These carbon fiber strips are made from the same material the Army uses to fabricate bomb shelters and are up to 10 times stronger than steel. 

Depending on your home's soil conditions, this can be a more cost effective solution compared to helical tieback anchors. One of the biggest benefits to carbon fiber reinforcement is stabilizing your bowed walls without requiring any outside excavation. 

Less mess. Less install time. Lower costs. Carbon fiber reinforcements are a true win win.

Let the professionals at Mr. Foundation see if your home could benefit from carbon fiber reinforcements. Call us today for a free estimate that is customized to professionally repair your home's foundation problems.



Signs of settling floor joists are uneven floors, cracks in your wall, bouncy floors, or difficulty opening doors and windows. Weak floor joists and beams can have excessive flex, causing your home to settle over time. Another common cause of settling floors is weak soil that cannot properly support the weight of your home. 

Installing a proper floor support system is one of the many solutions Mr. Foundation offers to fix your home's foundation problems. Mr. Foundation's floor support system will prevent any major foundation failures and give you peace of mind.

Amateur contractors often weld cheap support posst together that cannot be adjusted in the future. At Mr. Foundation we stand behind our professional floor support systems beyond the day we install them.

Mr. Foundation's support posts are made with high-grade galvanized steel. They are engineered to easily stabilize your home and protect it from any foundation damage. Our industry leading support posts are engineered to be adjusted to any height necessary to keep your home stabilized and protected years down the road.

Let the pros at Mr. Foundation see what professional floor supports your home needs. Call today for a free home inspection.

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