Keep your home and belongings dry and mold free.

Your home will not melt when it comes in contact with water, but it can become significantly damaged over time. Water and moisture is an enemy to your home's health. Mr. Foundation can keep the water out and keep your home healthy. Contact us today for a personalized free estimate to dry your basement and protect your home.

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Does your home have any of the following symptoms?

  • musty smell / odor

  • stains on concrete

  • Stains around basement windows 

  • cracks

  • bowed walls

  • flooded basement

  • pooled or standing water

  • condensation

  • sump pump malfunctions

  • noticeable leaks from openings

  • humidity


Ignoring a wet basement or drainage issue can lead to a major foundation problem. If your problems aren't addressed soon enough, it could require major foundation repair in the future. 


External hydrostatic pressure is caused by the water table forcing water against your foundation walls. This pressure builds on basement walls and creates cracks. These cracks allow water to leak through and flood your basement. 

Excessive hydrostatic pressure can cause your basement walls to become bowed. Bowed basement walls can undermine the integrity of your home.

One of the most common solutions to basement waterproofing is installing a professional sump basin and sump pump. A submersible sump pump works with a drainage system to automatically pump water and moisture out of the house. Mr. Foundation's sump basin will collect water from the drainage system. Once enough water is collected, your sump pump's float switches are triggered to automatically pump water out of your home. 

A properly sized sump pump is determined by your home's square footage. 

Mr. Foundation also offers a battery backup sump pump. This optional feature ensures your home remains dry even if the power goes out. A battery backup sump pump is not always necessary but can relieve a homeowner of worry and headaches. 

At Mr. Foundation, we treat every home like it is our own. We will not try to sell unnecessary items your home does not need. We make custom repairs for each home.

Most clients are relieved they had the battery backup sump pump installed when they lost power. THE MAIN benefit of a battery backup sump pump is If your home were to lose power. When a storm strikes your area, the last thing you want to worry about is excessive water in your home. Without power, the sump basin could overflow, leading to a flooded basement.

The sump pump is installed in the basement or crawl spaces' lowest point. A basement is only as good as the sump pump and drainage system in it. Don't leave your home's health to chance. Let Mr. Foundation install it correctly.


A wet basement, mold, or mildew are clear signs that moisture is getting into your basement. If you see any symptoms, something may be seriously wrong with your basement drainage system. Poor drainage lets moisture build up in the soil around the foundation. 

There are common signs and symptoms of poor drainage. Look for basement flooding, concrete stains, bowed or cracked basement walls, as well as a moldy or mildew smell. 

Our professional perimeter drain systems collect excessive water from your basement wall and route it to a catch basin. The excessive water is then handled by the stainless steel sump pump. There are many types of sump pumps and drainage systems that are offered by amateur contractors. 

Don't be fooled by amateur contractors that only want to install a coating over your basement walls. These coatings are a temporary solution that will eventually flake off. Epoxy coatings will not stop hydrostatic pressure from pushing on your basement walls.

Typically, our interior drainage systems install in a day or two. They typically cost half as much as exterior waterproofing solutions. Interior drainage systems are a more effective home waterproofing solution. 

Interior waterproofing solutions also eliminate the need to excavate outside your home. Our drainage systems will not easily clog as some systems do.

Having a proper interior drainage system with a professional sump pump has allowed many customers to have a healthier home. Many customers have been able to increase their available storage space for belongings. Previously, their belongings would be ruined when the basement flooded.


You can feel and smell when there is too much moisture in your home. It is not just a nuisance; it can be a hazard to your health. Basement moisture can make the air both downstairs and upstairs feel damp and smell musty. This is a result of mold growth that occurs under damp conditions in your basement. 

Without an effective dehumidifier in the basement, excessive humidity can make allergies and asthma worse. It can also damage belongings by causing harmful mold growth.

Installing the correct dehumidifier machine in the basement can alleviate allergy symptoms, improve air quality, and make your home more comfortable.


In addition to interior drainage system solutions for your home’s basement waterproofing, Mr. Foundation also installs professional exterior drainage systems. 

Mr. Foundation strongly recommends installing interior drainage systems whenever possible. This is due to lower costs, less mess, and less maintenance. However, it is not always the right solution for your personal home basement waterproofing issues. 

An exterior French drain requires excavating the perimeter of your home that is experiencing issues. Then a drain system must be installed. Professional contractors install a high-quality mesh over the system to prevent plugging of the drain. 

A moisture barrier membrane used for waterproofing basement walls is recommended to be installed as well. After complete installation, the area will be backfilled with dirt and gravel. 

Home basement exterior waterproofing is extremely susceptible to clogging. If you are considering installing exterior waterproofing, do not let an amateur perform work that will need to be fixed later. Amateur shortcuts will require you to start over in the future and correct their costly mistakes.